Thursday, December 8, 2011

How to Prepare for UGC NET in Journalism

How to crack UGC NET exam in Mass Communication and Journalism

Cracking UGC
NET exam is not a easy thing. It is considered as one of the toughest competitive exam. However, if you know exactly how to prepare for UGC NET exam of Mass communication  And Journalism you can bell the cat for sure. For success in UGC NET, it  require lots of hard work and practice with proper guidance and some tricky techniques. A Person  can prepare on your own for UGC NET, but it is better if you take some sort of UGC NET coaching or guidance. There are lots of good UGC NET coaching centers across the country but the subject materials are less in coaching. The benefit of getting yourself enrolled in a Media Mentor coaching class is that you will be under some sort of compulsory practice and will stay in touch with like minded students looking forward to crack UGC NET exam.

How to study for UGC NET exam

* To begin with  UGC NET preparation, please go through the syllabus thoroughly. For subjects like Mass Communication and journalism that only have a vague outline provided with, the first thing need to do is to go through the  post-graduate syllabus quite thoroughly. Mark that sections which offer longer questions more often.
* Concentrate on the Paper II. For literature subjects, focus on history of literature.
* Practice has no alternative. The more you go through mock test.
* A common mistake students do is to neglect Paper Ist. Remember if you cannot clear Paper Ist, the latter papers will not be evaluated at all. Practice lots and lots of Aptitude Test MCQ everyday so that you can answer the questions really  fast. Set a time limit well short of the given time (75 minutes) for yourself and check how fast you can attempt all the 60 questions.
* Practice Paper III writings at home. Many people think that since the answers are smaller with word limits, the total examination will not be lengthy as it had been the case in the post-graduation in most cases. Wrong. There are lots of questions and for some, one really need to meditate over with time.  
* Proper introductions and use of keywords in longer questions is the key. For shorter answers, one  really need to use technical terms. Do not try to define those terms and teach the examiner and thereby make the answer surpass the word limits.

Media Mentor suggestions, tips & tricks Apart:
 from the hard work and practice that is a part and parcel of success in anything in life, you also require to be a smart. Here are some tips and tricks for UGC NET exam that you might try out cleverly, but don't overdo them!
·        Instead of preparing multiple answers for similar topics prepare a bigger answer, but have multiple introductions ready at your disposal. If you know the subject well, you can successfully employ this plug and play technique!
·        Get some extra introductions ready. If you do not see the questions you have prepared for, do not panic. Mould those general introductions to cater to your need but be sure to make them to the point and not a vague, general one.

Media Mentor  suggestions :
UGC NET is not the kind of exam where you can just mug up your brain by putting one extra piece of information or two just before the exams. If you have studied hard right through the preparation period, stay a little relaxed when the exam reaches on your the shoulder. On the previous day of the examination, do not try to overburden your brain. Just stay relaxed. Get a good night's sleep before the exam. And last but not the least, reach your examination  centre early so that you do not panic or get tensed about reaching the hall on time. Best of luck! 



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