Sunday, January 29, 2012

What is Difference between Mass Communication and Journalism

Even if Mass Communication and Journalism seems similar, both are entirely different streams. Mass Communication deals with the procedure of conveying or transmitting a message to the general population through media like radio, newspapers, magazines, television, internet and so on. However, Journalism is concerned with the compilation and transmission of news through the print media and electronic media.
Mass Communication courses and career opportunities
Mass Communication is a vast sector that comprises of so many branches. Aspirants can study their interesting subjects in mass communication. There are many graduate and postgraduate programs in Mass Communication. Numerous leading educational institutions offer diverse courses in the concerned fields. There are also Diploma courses in mass communication. A graduation in the respective fields is a requisite for the entry-level jobs. Aspirants who have completed the various courses in mass communication can seek out for career in private and public sector. Those who pursue the research programs in mass communication can become research analysts in the related areas. Various opportunities are available in commercial world, publishing houses, film industry, media industry, image management agencies and so on for these mass communication professionals.
Journalism courses and career opportunities
There are so many courses in journalism that an aspirant can pursue. It includes Bachelors’, Masters’ and even diploma courses. To become a journalist, aspirants should have atleast a graduation in journalism. Detailed awareness in political science, economics, and English language will be really helpful in honing the talents of a journalist. Those who have flair in photography can opt for photojournalism. Journalists have wide scope in India and in foreign countries. They can seek out for careers in print media like newspapers or journals as editors, proofreaders, cartoonist, feature writer and so on. Likewise, in the electronic modes of communication, they can get employed as researchers, production workers, presenters and so on.
Key differentiators between Mass Communication and Journalism
The circulation of information to a wide range of populace remains the key function of mass communications whereas journalism requires investigation and coverage of any incident, occurrence or contemporary affairs, through mass media like the print, televise or new media, whereby lakhs of people all through the world may be able to know what is happening all over the world.


  1. salam frnds mujay ye batao k mass communictaion field mai hi journalism ata ha na ya ye koi alag field ha

  2. hi can some one tell me wats diff btwn media n mass communication n wich one hv higher scope????

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